Under Armour is a human performance brand. Here we create systems and products to improve the consumers mental and physical health. When challenged with an opportunity to engage and inspire the consumers in a new market. I thought about how we could connect with as many people as possible. As an athlete I have always felt incredibly inspired by people who would put a goal out into the world and try's their best to achieve it. In many gyms there is a motivational board that highlights individuals goals and success (person records). Standing before this wall that documented peoples ambitions and successes I too wanted to make a change in my own life.

I was reminded of Candy Chang's interactive Before I Die wall that holds similar qualities of inviting the viewer to reflect and share in a common space.I wondered: How could this type of goal setting become digital? How could we leverage Under Armour's community of women to inspire each other at all levels of fitness; from the newbie runner beginning her journey who says "I will: run my first 3K" to the more experienced athlete who says "I will: climb Annapurna"? I began thinking about goal setting; using the phrase "I will ........".  Step 1: Define and share your goal. This activation asks women to create and share their goal taking the first step to improving their personal health and wellbeing. 

#IWillWomen Digital MockUp.jpg

Step 2: Document your progress After signing up and creating a goal the information would link with UA Record the world's first 24/7 connected health and fitness system. This app enables you to connect and sync devices, and follow friends and Under Armour athletes. UA Record is designed to give the user personalized insights to help performance and achieve their goals. Once certain goals were achieved Under Armour's Map My Fitness rewards the athlete for their dedication with a 40% off product incentive. 

Step 3: Connect to a community UA Record also a great way to connect with people in your area working on the same goal and to keep up the momentum. 


I Will is a digital campaign empowering women striving to improve their health and wellbeing through setting goals, tracking progress, and sharing their personal set backs and successes along the way. 


Graphic Designer


Use Under Armour's brand values to empower all athletes, as a platform to share women's remarkable feats of fitness and health. The objective is to inspire women to be active through an engaging physical experience.


The initiative began with the activation of a digital wall that exhibited women's goals populating the #IWILL. The content was generated by women documenting their personal fitness goals. This display reflects women of all levels of fitness working hard to better themselves. 


Under Armour Global Brand Creative Environments team