The poster depicts the interests of 4 different constituents stitched together in layers that reveal a lack of transparency surrounding the effectiveness of HIV and AIDS prevention programs in Uganda.

Each layer represents organizations with their own unique identity. Key players filter critical information that distorts the truth to the public. International Organizations are rooted in communities and have an impact at the local level. Often as their programs expand, they are limited because of government policies and bureaucracy. 

The Uganda Government, swayed by international donors, emphasizes abstinence and being faithful, diminishing the use of condoms. Hidden beneath the Ugandan President's words to the people is the impact of not using condoms in a polygamous society. US Government influenced by the religious right in America, as the principal funder, discouraged the use of condoms in HIV and AIDS prevention programs. People’s voices are layer and stacked on top of each other, creating an almost featureless black mass thus keeping a lid on the unbearable truth hidden away from public.