Safe Boda

Hired motorcycles are called bodas in Uganda and are a primary means of transport. Motorcycles accounted for 75% of accidents on the road (2013 statistics). Since 2014, Safe Boda has connected passengers to a safe and affordable mode of motorcycle transportation. 

The brand reflects a sense of alertness, vigilance, and caution in movement on the dark busy streets of Kampala. The drivers are vetted, trained and monitored by the company. The system provides information upfront for the passenger creating a sense of accountability. The typographic lock up alludes to an aerial view of a road system. The arrows convey movement and direction. 


Safe Motorcycle Branding
Safe Motorcycle Branding

I worked in Uganda for Unicef in the summer of 2014, where I met Maxime DIeudonné, the founder of Safe Boda, a young start-up service company implementing innovative solutions to address the staggering number of accidents caused by motorcycles on Kampala’s busy streets. He introduced me to Alastair Sussock, the co-founder and manager of Safe Boda in Uganda.